Fantasy & Magic

The Wild Berry studio is very a magical place, inside a huge castle like structure, where fairies and pixies and magic awaits. For very good special children they may even appear!

Do you think you will see the fairies?

We have a range of magical items, outfits and accessories to help us find the magic. When you have planned your visit we will send you an email with all the details including how to prepare and what to bring.

1.5 Hours Studio Session

Personal Viewing

Includes use of the Wild Berry Wardrobe

10% Off standard price guide

Special extra Packages just for Magical Shoots


Free Gift of 10x10 Fine Art Print

~ £65 ~


You can book your shoot in 2 easy steps!

Step 1 . Choose your shoot type


Bright, Light & Magical

(All ages)


Dark edge with a beautiful twist

(Best age 4+)


Will you see the faeries?

(Best at age 4-7)


Create your own magic!

(All Ages)

Step 2 . Book your session

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